Friday, April 20, 2012

Chapter 5 – Let’s get going!

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»In this life anybody who doesn’t give up is courageous.«
– Paul McCartney
English pop musician, ex-Beatle

In this chapter we speak about how we can manage the transition. What can each of us do with very simple means so that we can introduce the Natural Economy of Life on this earth within a very short time and be able to enjoy worldwide prosperity in peace and in harmony with nature?

You, dear reader, are sure to have a lot to do. Presumably you have to earn your living and perhaps you have a family to support and have to take care of your children’s upbringing and education. You possibly have a hobby or are involved in good causes. To manage all this you sometimes wish the day had more than 24 hours. And now you are supposed to campaign for a new monetary and economic system as well!

The prospect that the Natural Economy of Life could solve all economic problems connected with money in this world will not make more time available to you in the here and now. However important all this may be, your time is completely taken up.

That’s why I now have good news for you. Do you know the expression »wu wei – doing by doing nothing«? Even if you cannot invest any extra time at all, it is possible for you to do a lot by »doing nothing« in the truest sense.

Yet there is one very small thing left we beg you to do: pass on the information! That is really easy today and if you have a computer it can be done with just a few mouse clicks. The e-book of the »Free Edition« is free of charge and its dissemination is explicitly desired. Here you can download the free e-book:

Send emails to your friends and relatives with the free e-book attached. Ask the recipient to study the information and, in their turn, send it so as many friends as possible. Post the free e-book on your social networks and ask your friends to pass it on.

If you have friends who speak another language have a look on our website to see what languages the book is already available in. Now, as I write, we are starting in German and English. We welcome anybody who would like to help translate it into other languages.

You do not have to agree with everything you have read here. The gradido is a research project and the content of this book contains the present state of research. It is important for as many people as possible to know about the solutions described here as soon as possible. After that we will still be able to develop the system further.

Have you heard how fast news can spread on the internet? When the time is ripe, it spreads like wildfire. It can go extremely quickly: when ten people send it to ten of their friends, that already makes 100. When they send it on, it multiplies to 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, millions…, and after just a few days the information has gone round the world.

A few mouse clicks and a few friendly words are all that is necessary –  no more than what you do anyway to keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances.

The world is in a state of change and more and more people are waking up. Some change their opinions or even their views of the world in a moment when they receive the appropriate information. Don’t be too choosy about who you send the e-book to. Someone who was not interested in this subject yesterday can be raving about it today. Yesterday’s declared enemy may be open for it today and an enthusiastic advocate tomorrow. If you send the book to too many people you run the risk of it landing up in the trash but if you send it to too few, you put our common future at risk.

What will happen if the Natural Economy of Life becomes more and more known? People will form opinions about it, communicate about it and discuss it. Possible weaknesses will be found and corrected, as is usual in a research project. Nature, environmental, peace and other organisations study it, the media report on it and politicians discuss it. The Natural Economy of Life becomes part of party manifestos. The first countries offer themselves as pilot regions and introduce the step-by-step plan with other countries following. The model continues to be improved more and more: then it is introduced in major nations or even entire continents and finally in the whole world.

You will also have contributed to this wonderful transformation, dear reader! With a few mouse clicks you have helped to ignite a wildfire, whose impacts benefit everybody and harm nobody. Just as the proverbial flutter of a butterfly’s wing can set off a hurricane, you have helped to bring about a gentle revolution of love by passing on this information verbally or in writing – information that has the potential to transform our beautiful earth back into the paradise we humans were once expelled from.

And with this we are already at the end of this chapter. At the beginning I promised you it would be the shortest chapter in the whole book and I have kept my promise. You do not need to do more than what was described above. However, if you have the wish to make a contribution with your inclinations and abilities, cooperate with us more intensively or join the gradido network, you will find information in the appendix to this book.

We will conclude by taking a look into the future together…

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