Gradido – Natural economy of Life

A way to worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature

Gradido – Natural Economy of Life is a monetary and economic model patterned on nature. It provides a basic income for every person, an ample national budget for every country and an additional Equalisation and Environment Fund for decontaminating the environment. The self-regulating system keeps the money supply, and hence prices, stable. The gentle equalisation of the hitherto poor countries and the industrialised nations promotes peace.

Learn about the encouraging results of economic bionics research! Nature is brilliant. When we act in harmony with nature we will experience worldwide prosperity and peace. This is the core message of this consistently positive »instruction manual for the future«.

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About the author

Bernd Hückstädt studied music, communications engineering and mathematics. He has managed recording studios, composed film music and taught sound design at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Already in his youth he occupied himself with the extreme differences between poor and rich. In over 15 years of research he developed the »Natural Economy of Life«. As a »lateral thinker, mathematician, musician and warm-hearted person« he takes you with him on a journey into the near future: “Don’t switch off your mind but listen to your heart. The facts are obvious. With heart and mind you will understand the proposed solution immediately and want to pass on the information.”

A gift

Nature practises a gift economy, and we have a gift for you: feel free to download the e-book of the abridged »Free Edition« on the internet and pass it on to your friends and acquaintances. By passing it on, the gift circulates, increases in value and can enable you, your fellow beings and the following generations to lead a life that you have not even dared to dream of up to now.  

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All chapters of the Gradido book in the Blog Archive 2012.

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