Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Economic simulation: Gradido versus the old monetary system

In my blogpost »The destruction of the village«, I describe in a little story, how our current money system destroyes with compelling mathematical precision the formerly healthy structures and produces exactly the disastrous conditions which we witness today in small and large scale.

In the Gradido Academy we have developed an economic simulation game, which let the participants experience this on their own body. The simulation consists of four passes, two in the old debt money system and two in the Gradido model,  the Natural Economy of Life. We run this simulation game within our seminars and consultings. It can also be booked for conferences and similar events.

Simulated are ten businesses of daily living (including the Bank) and the State. In the first year houses are built and the economy is booming. In the second year the finished houses are finished, no need to build anything. We have recession.

Current money system 

Because in our monetary system by the law of balance the sum of assets must meet exactly the sum of debts, some of the participants have at the end of considerable assets and go to the winning side. The remaining participants (usually the majority) have to share the debt and go to the losing side. 

Since the loser can not pay back their loans, the banks get into trouble, partly go into bankruptcy and thus also on the losing side.

Now the state has to take care of the losers. Firstly through social programs and secondly through bank Bailouts. The State have no other choice than to go into debt. And so he goes on the losing side too.

The above chart shows the typical distribution after the second round, at the end of the debt-money version of our simulating game. From eleven players are eight on the losing side, the two large bars at the right stand for the banks and the state. The three players on the winning side can not become really happy too, because they attract all envy and hate from the losers and have to defend themselves if necessary by force of arms. Seen such, they also lose. A zero sum game produces only losers in the long run. 

Gradido – Natural economy of Life

How much different looks the image in the Gradido model! All are in the plus. And all have more than have enough to live. Nevertheless, there are still differences, stimulating competition. 

Gradido is a plus-sum game. Here there are only winners. The large bar at the right stands also for the state, who has considerable surpluses (without need to impose taxes). 

Experience it for yourself!

With this simulation game, you get in an entertaining way a deep insight into the problems of our current monetary system, which does not allow other conditions for mathematical reasons, and into the brilliant solution, that enables prosperity for all – in peace and in harmony with nature. 

There is probably no faster, more effective and more sustainable way to experience with all your senses the fatal mechanisms of our current monetary system and simultaneously the beneficial solution. Therefore, this simulation game is part of our seminars and consultings.

Even if you perform conferences, meetings or other events on Money & Economics, you can offer your guests this unique experience. 

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