Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chapter 3.10 – Freedom from taxes and compulsory insurances

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life« 

»Are there any other advantages?«
»There are no more compulsory levies such as taxes, contributions to medical insurance or pension insurance…« 
– Joytopia

At a time when tax increases and the rocketing cost of the health service are constantly being talked about it is hard to imagine that the Natural Economy of Life works entirely without compulsory levies. The gradido model provides a perfect health service and perfect social services entirely without medical insurance, pension insurance, nursing care insurance or other levies which governments think up nowadays. And on top of that it is tax-free.

The word »freedom« has several meanings in our language. One is free of charge, without payment, donated, in the meaning of »free like free beer«. Another is freely available or, accessible for everyone like free knowledge or free software. Some other meanings  refer to freedom of humans or animals. Freedom can also mean freedom from burdens, for example »free of anxiety« or »tax-free«, or freedom from restrictions.

»Happy slaves are the bitterest enemies of freedom.«
– Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach,
Austrian writer

Freedom that we do not know sometimes makes us afraid. »Where would it lead to if everyone was free to do what they liked?« Thus seen, freedom from tax and freedom from levies are delicate subjects for they stir our primal fears. It is mainly the fear of the unknown that makes us hesitate. Freedom entails the risk of losing one’s supposed security.

Everything we have learnt so far about the Natural Economy of Life clearly shows us that freedom and security do not have to be opposites. They are only in opposition in the old system as the latter works according to the zero-sum principle. But the old system has come to an end. If we continue with it, we will not experience either freedom or security but the demise of humankind.

Many old oppositions vanish in the Natural Economy of Life. It enables us to have maximal security with maximal freedom. It frees us from taxes and levies and provides us with the security of optimal health and social services and with a functioning state which understands itself as the community of all citizens and therefore represents their interests.

This freedom is only made possible by the cycle of life – the cycle of growth and decay. It enables the government to create money without causing inflation. By voluntarily respecting natural laws and integrating them into the gradido model we win both security and freedom. 

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