Saturday, September 8, 2012

Advantage 13 – Gentle transience

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Don’t delude yourself that you can rectify errors in nature.
There are no errors in nature, the error is in you

– Leonardo da Vinci
Italian artist and universal genius

Transience is part of creation. It is the cycle of life, the cycle of growth and decay. When we do not plan for transience but try to escape it, it will hit us all the harder and at a highly inconvenient time. Examples of unplanned transience are inflation, economic crises, monetary crashes, poverty, hunger, wars and natural disasters.

There have been many examples of unplanned transience in past history. Entire cultures have emerged and vanished again. Since transience is not recognised as a natural law, poverty, hunger, wars and natural disasters used to be considered as fate, whereas inflation, economic crises and monetary crashes were thought to be the consequences of financial mismanagement. But now we are able to recognize the internal connection and build up a sustainable life together on earth.

Everyone can cope with gentle planned transience without suffering harm. We all know that fresh fruits age: after a certain time they begin to get mouldy, rot or wrinkle. Nobody perceives this as a disaster, as we all know it and are prepared for it. We have learnt to deal with perishability creatively. Thus we have, for example, developed various methods of preserving food and some cooking and baking recipes taste better when preserved products are used. We can likewise approach the gradido’s perishability creatively, for example with loans and investments. And transience has the additional advantage of being merciful. 

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