Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chapter 4 – The 100 most important advantages

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»The folios turn yellow, the learned brilliance of the cities fades,
but the book of nature has a new edition every year.«
– Hans Christian Andersen
Danish writer

Nature is brilliant. She is the marvel of the greatest inventor of all time, our creator. She is based on simple principles and infinite variety ensues. She has four and a half billion years of experience, significantly longer than we humans. With a bit of common sense we can conclude from this that it is extremely disadvantageous to work against her, while cooperating with nature must bring a huge number of advantages.

In any good communication training you learn to restrict yourself to the most important three points. Modern people are supposed not to be able to take in more than that. Well then… The three most important benefits of the Natural Economy of Life are:

  1. worldwide prosperity
  2. peace
  3. harmony with nature

 Actually everything has now been said. But each of these three benefits is in itself so vast and extensive that its full reach is hard to grasp. In virtually every field of life we immediately find a whole range of fundamental advantages. It is absolutely impossible to concentrate on only a few of them. 

Therefore you will get to know the 100 most important advantages of the Natural Economy of Life in this chapter. One advantage often results from the previous one. In this way ascending spirals of possibilities are created, which carry you further upwards with each rotation. Once you have learnt to think in positive possibility spirals you can change your personal life and your entire environment in a positive direction.

But beware: too much good news is hard to bear. We humans are simply not used to it. In this respect we function similarly to Wikipedia: when something only has advantages, it is thought to be incredible and possibly may not be written about. Also in classical drama, the model for most Hollywood films, there must not be only positive things because in the end that would be boring.

And now at last we have a drawback, thank goodness! The Natural Economy of Life has too many advantages. Please don’t be frightened off, be brave and hold out! And if you can’t take any more, have a break and study your favourite problems intensively. Then you should be able to go on…

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