Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chapter 2 – Joytopia

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

Worldwide prosperity in harmony with nature
A visionary short story

The encounter

Recently I had a dream, or more exactly a daydream. I was going for a walk alone in the forest and enjoying nature. All of a sudden, I noticed that someone was walking lightly beside me. He was about two metres tall, dark-skinned, with an athletic physique. He was dressed in a kind of golden track suit. Although he looked like a human being, he did not appear to be from this world. His face radiated such happiness and even almost merriness as is seldom found on our earth. When I looked at him I couldn’t help laughing. It was hearty, cheerful laughter – pure joy at the sight of this friendly companion.

“Please excuse me, I didn’t want to laugh at you,“ I explained when I had got control of myself again. “It’s just that I’m surprised at your sudden appearance.”

“It’s the same with a lot of people on this planet,” was his friendly answer. “Most earth citizens react as you did and only a few run away in fright or get aggressive.”

“So you aren’t from here?“ I asked in uncertainty.

“I come from Joytopia, a nation on the planet Freegaia at the edge of the galaxy. I got here with a jump in the space-time continuum. My name is Goodfriend, Very Goodfriend.”

“How did you learn our language so quickly?“

“We simply use telepathy to communicate with each other. We send each other thoughts and our brain translates them into language. That works just the same with images, sounds, smells and emotions. You see….”

I didn’t see anything. He had vanished. Surprised and deeply moved, I continued my walk.  Was I just hallucinating? Should I perhaps go to the doctor? It would be better not to say anything about it to anyone and forget the incident as quickly as possible.

“I have brought you a present,“ I heard Very say.

“Where did you go so suddenly?“

“I went home for a moment to get something for you.“

“Doesn’t such a journey take years? I mean the highest possible speed …”

“We travel in our thoughts. It is well-known that thoughts are free. Limits to space and time only exist if they have been thought about previously. We also used to think out a lot of limits. Our restricted thinking had shaped our planet in roughly the same way as you are now shaping your planet. Try it for yourself. You see me because you think that you see me.”

While he was saying that, a cyclist came towards us. He gave a brief greeting and rode right through Very.

“Do you understand now?“ Very asked.

“Yes, I do.“

“I have brought you an idea.“

“What kind of idea?“

“The idea that everything you can imagine is possible. Everything you can think will become reality! Everything you wish for will come to pass if you can imagine it.”

“Then I wish for 10 million euros!”


“Pardon? Fine? That’s supposed to work? I can’t imagine it!“

“That’s just it.”

I was ashamed.

“Other people were able to imagine it and became millionaires. But maybe it isn’t your wish to become a millionaire at all. What do you actually wish for the most?”

“I would really like everybody to be rich and to be able to do what they wanted without harming other people or nature.“

“I suggest you make a journey. We have already achieved that aim on our planet Freegaia. You just need to copy it and spread it on earth. That’s our gift to you humans.”

“How can I get through the space-time thingy...“

“Just imagine it and I’ll accompany you.“

It was strange. It seemed to me that I was in two places at the same time: while part of me went on walking in the forest, the other part was flying through the universe with Very. 

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