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Praise from all over the world

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«


»I see the present book and the idea of a gradido developed in it as a great gift. Fundamental reorientation is necessary, particularly in times of climactic crises of the current monetary system. The concept of the gradido combines aspects of alternative monetary systems, unconditional basic income and economic activity in harmony with humans and nature in an impressive way. It also contains concrete suggestions for a gradual transition to a sustainable system that permits sufficient time for the necessary change in awareness.

 I wish for this book a wide circulation, for the idea increasing support and realisation – and for the participants openness for sensible further developments. The idea seems to me to be based on deep compassion for all living things and restoration of the already largely destroyed fundaments of life appears to me to be only possible on this basis in the long term.«  
 – Prof. Dr. em. Bernd Senf, Berlin


»People are at the complete mercy of the economy instead of the economy being for the benefit and in the service of the people. Is it really true that we are living in times of unprecedented economic welfare, or should we rather say that we are living under the world dominion of money?  Whichever way, there is no denying that the interests of the people are definitely not the priority. It is ironic that when pondering on the source of the modern economy, more often than not the following thought comes to mind: people are not there to sustain the economy, are they?

How on earth could it be possible for us human beings to create a production system, our economy, in which the human being doesn’t matter anymore? Are we indeed saying that inhumaneness is a prerequisite for humanness? A humane economy is an economy of the whole human being in harmony with nature. Spiritual economy, grounded in the whole, driven by abundance rather than scarcity, inspired by wisdom, inclusiveness and sharing, and transcending all self-limiting particularism, serves the accomplishment of the whole human being.

This way, it becomes a Natural Economy of Life serving the greater good of everybody and the planet. Bernd Hückstädt’s seminal and epoch-making book highlights in a crystal clear manner that with a completely new economic model driven by global awareness, global wellbeing and prosperity is no longer a dream, but will soon be a reality.«

– András László
Founding President & CEO of


»In a world beset with countless challenges, the Natural Economy of Life represents a vision for a truly sustainable future for humanity, living in harmony with the evolutionary forces of nature. The principles of this new economy and the new currency, the gradido, are profoundly transformational, yet simple to grasp for everyone. The Natural Economy of Life shows the way to surpass the many roadblocks currently facing the world’s economic system and guide humanity to a new natural, more equitable, just and peaceful society. This book speaks to our imagination. It is one of nature’s laws that what we can imagine we can create and what we can create becomes our new reality. The evolutionary way of thinking presented in this wonderful book acts as a catalyst for imagining and creating new water sourcing, soil regeneration, food production and new energy technologies, based on deeper insights as to the way nature works.«

– Kees Hoogendijk
Entrepreneur and developer of technologies in harmony with nature

New Zealand

»Gradido is a tool for a phase-shift in human values and culture, which is vital to prevent an imminent phase-shift in ecosystems’ capacity to support life.  Gradido can be regarded as a catalyst to establish mutual networks of trust, for connecting people, maintaining cooperative communities and reinvigorating the ecosystem processes that sustain us, as a foundation for viable and resilient ecosystem-based cultures.

Bernd Hückstädt developed Gradido with the empathy of a composer and the precision of a mathematician.  An Active Basic Income drives cultural renewal.  Free-flowing gradidos come into existence, as people apply their diverse range of skills to agreed priorities at local, bioregional or global levels.  Priorities are based on common VALUES of care, generosity, responsibility, cooperation and the restoration of life-supporting capacity.

Apply Gradido in your region, network and shift phase to a holistic culture of people, living in harmony with one another and with nature!«

– Helle Janssen
Ecosystem Scientist, New Zealand


»To start thinking and acting differently one needs a moral reasoning that the reader is offered in a literally coherent way. Bernd Hückstädt has set the scene for the common good on an uncompromising, monumental scale. It should work worldwide for all of us humans of our own free will. Dare to give very good intentions a real try? Not yet? Okay! But, please, don’t blame others for your own incapacity. Better see where you can overwrite the zero-sum game mentality in some practical way. That may be the best this book is intended for.«

– Victor Nemchinov Ph.D. (econ.)
Russian Academy of Sciences


»It is beyond doubt that this book brings a new inspiration to the 21st century peaceworkers. The idea of the Natural Economy of Life (NEL) here introduced by Bernd Hückstädt  is persuasively understood as the effective and non-violent alternative to capitalism.  The NEL, if effectually embraced and applied, will significantly contribute to de-corrupting the contemporary money-driven mindsets, curbing  structural violence generated by the modern socio-political and economic systems, preventing many wars and man-made disasters and moving us towards a just, inclusive, caring and peaceful world.«

– Jean de Dieu Basabose
Co-founder and Executive Director of Shalom Educating for Peace,
Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa


»The Natural Economy of Life is a crucial catalyst in the advancement of civilization. It speaks in the language of nature’s intelligence and ignites in our heart an image of a true paradise on earth. It is a gift of nature, designed to awaken and bring forth humans’ greatest potential to co-create a world of abundance and everlasting prosperity in harmony with nature.«

– Océane Yong 
Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association
(Asia Pacific Singapore Head Quarters)

South Africa

»Bernd not only courageously sets a new vision for our world but gives the combination key to the vehicle that will take us there. This is not a book but a manual for our planet. It's not a question of if this will be our future, just when.

Bernd uses imagination to transport us into a possibility, a world where nature and the human soul sing in a dynamic living orchestra of purpose – every instrument singing the tune that it was destined to hold. Let the words enter your heart and let it feed your courage to act. My prayer is that it informs all you do.

If you consider yourself a social innovator and a mapmaker of the future, Gradido can provide a north star big enough to hold both your personal and collective optimal realities.«

– Oran Cohen
International Spiritual Youth Ambassador


»If humanity is to go in the “right” direction at the next crossroads, we need solutions in a new paradigm. A proper analysis of nature gives way to a new paradigm which is easy to understand and apply; and, best of all, it’s “right” there and ready to use in the form of a Natural Economy of Life and “Gradido”. Natural Economy of Life shows respect for our planet Earth, nature and all of creation – the ”right” way to our future, so let’s take it!«

– Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli
Evolutant, entrepreneur and founding president of WSF-World Spirit Forum

»Bernd Hückstädt is the Van Gogh of the monetary reform world.  Hopefully he and we will all live to see and taste the delicacy of his opus in our lifetime.“

– Peter Koenig Enterprises
Seminal thinking, money seminars, organizational architecture

United Kingdom

»The present financial system, the debt-based money system, and its negative effects are seldom understood even by so-called experts. A fundamental ingredient in a sustainable future must be played by new, community-based money systems such as the gradido. In this new book, Bernd Hückstädt brilliantly explains how the gradido is already transforming lives – and how it can transform yours.«

– John Bunzl
Founder, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

»One word sums up my response to this remarkable book - gratitude. This book is truly groundbreaking in its approach to expanding our vision of what is possible when we shift our own engagement with life. Look to nature’s own laws, and when we do that we can co-create a natural economy of life. This is a book that will change your life; what's more it is online and free. It is a small and perfectly formed gift to us all. I urge you to enjoy this gift, then gift it to ten of your friends - you will be passing on a seed that will grow very fast and that is the fastest way we can create abundance for all.«

– Polly Higgins
Lawyer for the Earth,

»Natural Economy of Life: Your heart and mind will be opened by this treasure of a book, a beacon of hope for all in search of truth, longing and craving for a better world, a world of  Meaning & Meaningfulness, Stability & Sustainability, Contentment & the Common Good. The message of this book is so timely and so needed: You contribute to the common good. The community thanks you with gradidos. You can give thanks to others with your gradidos.«

– Prof. Kamran Mofid
Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative

»Change is the one constant of our abundant self-replenishing natural order, but humans waste much emotion and energy attempting to resist this.  By superimposing their own economic structures in a futile effort to subdue nature and to subject the earth’s infinite bounty to finite economic ends, mankind has succeeded in bringing all systems simultaneously to a point of collapse.  The current economic meltdown is merely a symbol of the total systems failure resulting from human intervention in all aspects of life.

Gradido is an imaginative and generous work offering simple tools and methods to resolve many of the human, spiritual and resource conflicts of our time.  When all systems break down or break up, the only possible breakthrough is to start rebuilding the whole edifice from a different more holistic and less fragmented perspective.   This demands a complete “metanoia“ or reorientation of the spiritual and ethical values of each individual and each community.  The gradido is the solution which learns from nature – and which economists have unknowingly been waiting for!

I commend Bernd Hückstädt’s thought-provoking book for the visionary journey he takes us on, for its easy accessibility and for the Gandhian simplicity of his suggestions.  It is a concept which provides adaptable tools for some of the most complex situations of our time, and which avoids the separation of environmental, social economic and spiritual issues.«

– Diana Schumacher OBE
co-founder of the Schumacher Society, the Gandhi Foundation UK,
the New Economics Foundation (nef) and the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) 

United States

in its clarity, simplicity, and scope, Gradido: Natural Economy of Life, is a groundbreaking exploration of a new way of living.  It offers a viable mechanism for participating cooperatively with each other – beyond our self-imposed limitations of competition, separation, and fear.  Its time is now!

– Leo Burke
Professor and Director, Global Commons Initiative
Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre Dame

»This is a daring and imaginative approach to the very problems that are undermining our everyday lives, our ability to hope, and the civility that we need to repair. Bernd is to be congratulated for trying and we must respond to the challenges that he presents.«

– Prof. Hillel Levine, Boston University

»Time is now of the essence. Our individualism has brought us to the brink of destruction. We know there are no jobs, yet money is considered a criteria for a successful life. Our environment is screaming at us to please respect and alter our ways. Our next generation is anxious to change this course of events.

"Gradido – Natural Economy of Life: A way to worldwide wealth and peace in harmony with nature" explains the HOW and the beauty of this potential for a life of integrated harmony. Read this book and give life a chance!«

– Dr. Nina Meyerhof
President and founder of Children of the Earth,

»Bernd Hückstädt's Gradido contains a cornucopia of insight and hope served up in a way that invites new and refreshing ways of seeing possibility. His embrace of Nature as his teacher of choice goes beyond its metaphoric potential. His focus on the fatal flaws inherent in our current approaches to economics and money feel 'spot on.'

We have all we need to co-create a future that works for all life. Inventing currencies that promote and support our evolving of our civilization in ways that approach the elegance of evolution throughout the rest of nature is a worthy task. Enjoy Bernd Hückstädt's vision!«

– Bill Veltrop
Evolutionary Architect, Monterey Institute for Social Architecture

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