Sunday, May 20, 2012

Advantage 81 – Step-by-step plan for parallel introduction

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Everything difficult must be planned while it is still easy, everything great must be dealt with while it is small. Everything difficult on earth always begins as something easy, everything great always begins as something small.«
– Laotse
Chinese philosopher

Now we come to plan B, the official introduction of the gradido in one or several countries parallel to the existing system. »Official« means that there is a government decision (if necessary a referendum) to phase in the gradido as a complementary currency. For this we have elaborated a step-by-step plan, starting with a 10% gradido share, which increases 10% in every phase.

A 10% gradido share means that a seller has to accept at least 10% of the price in gradidos. They can accept more gradidos than the minimum share. As gradido earnings are not taxed, it can actually be an advantage to accept more gradidos. When the gradido share is 100% there is no tax any longer.

International trade can continue without any problems. Foreign customers can also pay the gradido share in gradidos if they have some. Otherwise they pay the full amount the old currency. Conversely, foreign suppliers can accept gradidos but if they do not they are at a disadvantage vis-à-vis domestic suppliers. This creates an incentive for foreign suppliers to accept gradidos and the gradido zone becomes larger. The farther the gradido spreads, the more the advantages of the Natural Economy of Life take effect in gradido countries. More and more countries join the gradido zone until finally they are all members.

The step-by-step plan provides for an 10% increase in the gradido share in every phase. If there is a new phase each year, a 50% gradido share is reached after five years. The fifth phase is a milestone when it makes sense to look back and take stock of what is already going well and where there is need for improvement. We can learn from the experience gained and can decide whether and at what pace we will proceed to a 100% gradido share. 

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