Saturday, May 5, 2012

Advantage 96 – Appreciation of life

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Some people don’t know 
how important it is that they are there.
Some people don’t know
how it does good just to see them.
Some people don’t know
how comforting their kind smile is.
Some people don’t know,
how pleasant it is when they are near.
Some people don’t know,
how much poorer we would be without them.
Some people don’t know
that they are a gift from heaven.
They would know it if we told them.«

– Petrus Ceelen
Belgian priest, psychotherapist and author

The name gradido is derived from »gratitude«. The »a« in gradido also stands for »appreciation«. The inner attitude of gratitude and appreciation towards our fellow humans and life is an important step towards personal quality of life. No matter what situation you are currently in, you will feel better from day to day if you cultivate gratitude and appreciation. You will discover more and more things in your life which you appreciate and can be grateful for. Logically, this enhances your personal well-being.

Conversely, if you do not cultivate gratitude and appreciation daily, the all-too-human urge to criticise and seek mistakes will pull you down further. »Seek and ye shall find« applies equally to both positive and negative things.

We can observe this particularly well in old people. They have developed into what they now are depending on their habits. Some of them come across as grateful, appreciative, positive – even almost naïve because they do not seem to perceive the many bad things in life. But mostly they are happy and it feels good to be near them. The others find something that is not in order everywhere. They complain here, criticise there – and seem to have a good knowledge of all the evil around them. They do not feel happy because they see the world as bad and it is much more difficult to get along with them. Nobody is purely one or the other and we all have both aspects in ourselves. We can, however, assume that the people who have a positive impact on us regularly cultivate gratitude and appreciation consciously or unconsciously.

As everything lives from attention, the gradido appreciates life in all its facets. As »living money« it follows the Natural Economy of Life: it follows the cycle of life, the cycle of growth and decay. The gradido shows its appreciation of life already in its creation. Everyone who uses gradidos will regularly be reminded of that. When the gradido is used as a currency, all people worldwide receive a stimulus to appreciate life with each payment transaction. With the feelings of gratitude and appreciation of life the awareness of the need to protect and preserve life also increases worldwide. As everything lives from attention, the gradido values life in all its facets.

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