Thursday, June 14, 2012

Advantage 67 – Promotion of health

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»There are 1,000 illnesses but only one health.«
– Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher

The expression »lifestyle diseases« already says everything. The achievements of our civilisation, as convenient and agreeable as they may be, are making us ill. They make individuals ill, likewise the community and finally the entire environment. Measured by the threefold good, today’s civilisation fails on all three levels.

That this need not be so has been shown by the previous sections, in which an improvement in health was also often a »side-effect«. Less stress, sufficient healthy food for everyone, better motivation, being provided for, better quality of life, being needed, personal life planning, peace – all these positive concomitants of the Natural Economy of Life contribute to the health of both the individual and the community. Furthermore, the health service in all countries is provided with plentiful financial resources (see threefold creation of money).

For the recovery of nature a fund is available, which is as big as all the national budgets together. The recovery of nature has become the best business in the world for the economy. Although we humans cannot restore what we have destroyed, we can do our best and the necessary money is available everywhere we can help with our human means.

The recovery of the individual, the community and the environment serve the threefold good. They are not only noble objectives of the Natural Economy of Life but an essential part of it and automatically follow after it has been introduced.

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