Saturday, June 9, 2012

Advantage 72 – Everybody can develop their full potential

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life« 

»It’s a pure waste of time to do something in a mediocre way.«
– Madonna
American singer and actress

The beginning is to become aware of your own wishes, yearnings, dreams, goals, inclinations and abilities – a discipline that should be practised from youth on. Children also have the right to unconditional participation. They are allowed to contribute to the community in very early years in accordance with their age and nature and receive their active basic income. We must cooperate with educationalists to determine the age at which this can begin but we suppose it could start in nursery school.

During the transition to the Natural Economy of Life there will also be many adults who have to relearn how to perceive their inner needs and abilities and bring them into harmony with the threefold good. This will be a wonderful field of activity for the many already existing social education workers, personality trainers and consultants.

Unconditional participation is therefore not only an obligatory duty to earn one’s active basic income. It is a kind of life school where one can train to develop one’s potential better and better. Development of this potential is facilitated by two things – becoming aware of one’s own inclinations and abilities and the possibility of using these immediately in the community.

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