Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Advantage 68 – No unemployment

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»The poorest person is he who has no employment.«
– Albert Schweitzer
German physician, theologian and pacifist

The elimination of unemployment is considered to be the number one political objective in many countries. At the same time, we are experiencing the closure of more and more production facilities either because demand is declining or technical progress is making it possible to produce with fewer workers. Money is lacking for labour-intensive professions, such as the health and social services, nursing, old people’s care, and so on. Unconditional participation guarantees everybody employment consistent with their inclinations and abilities in order to earn their active basic income. The unemployment problem is thus solved overnight with 100 percent employment being achieved.

The author makes no secret of the fact that he prefers unconditional participation with its active basic income to a so-called »unconditional basic income«. For unlike the unconditional basic income, which is paid out »simply so«, unconditional participation has a huge number of beneficial advantages. However, should the majority of people opt for an unconditional basic income, the Natural Economy of Life is probably the only monetary and economic model with which it would be financially viable on an international level. There will be no unemployment in the old sense in this case either. The blessing of self-determined time management will supersede the bogey of unemployment.

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