Saturday, August 11, 2012

Advantage 30 – Lower wage costs

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Chinese labour costs would be economic nonsense in Europe. What money is the German employee supposed to consume with? This whole “stinginess is cool” mentality is in fact the real problem.«

– Wendelin Wiedeking
Former Chairman of Porsche AG

At present about half of the labour costs are needed for deductions and only the other half is transferred to the employees. This situation is disguised by the so-called »employer contribution«. Employees only have to pay half of their insurances and social security contributions from their wages and the employers pay the other half. This is of course just eyewash as the employers also have to include the employer contribution in their labour costs.

With the gradido gross and net incomes are the same. The deductions saved are shared between employers and employees with the employees receiving a higher net wage and employers having lower labour costs.

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