Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Advantage 34 – Protection of private assets

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»We tell people their savings deposits are safe.
And the government vouches for this as well.«
– Angela Merkel
German Chancellor, 5 October 2008

Anyone who goes around with their eyes open will have heard that our present monetary system will not long remain as it is. A financial crash is in store for us sooner or later. Some clever citizens are quickly buying some gold and others are hoarding food supplies for several months in their cellars. These may be sensible precautions for the moment when the crash happens.

But what about people who have invested their hard-earned money at a bank, in a building society, in life assurance, securities and so on? In the case of a financial crash their money will in all probability be gone. Perhaps they had saved it so as to be able spend a pleasant retirement. Perhaps they wanted to set up a business with their savings. Maybe they have saved for a new car or wanted to renovate their house. Hard luck! After the financial crash their savings are gone. Hopefully people are clever enough after the crash at least to introduce the Natural Economy of Life everywhere!

Then the second part of the asset exchange will take effect: people who declare their assets honestly and have changed the prescribed percentage into gradidos will get all their lost assets paid out after the changeover to the gradido. Their money is put into an annuity scheme to prevent it vanishing after a short time because of decay. Somebody who, for example, has lost 100,000 euros in the financial crash, will be paid out 5,000 gradidos a year for 20 years, thus saving their private assets. 

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