Saturday, August 4, 2012

Advantage 37 – Old people are welcome

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Old people are not all the same, probably even less than any other age group: for their long lives have made them into individuals. One of our current problems is that society refuses to understand that and treats all old people  'equally'.«
– Lily Pincus:
The Challenge of a Long Life

Unfortunately elderly people are often perceived as a burden. They no longer perform as well as young people and when they reach retirement age, society has to provide for them. If they become frail and ill, they are all too often shunted off to old people’s homes, which, in turn, cost a lot of money.

And, once again, things are quite different in the Natural Economy of Life. As old people contribute to creation of money and thus help to finance both the national income and the Equalisation and Environment Fund, they are welcome alone from a financial standpoint. In addition, they are lucrative customers for the business sector and thus welcome there as well, which constitutes the financial aspect.

The community can also greatly benefit from old people’s experience and wisdom, particularly from a human point of view. What a blessing it is for a family when the grandparents are still alive. Children adore their grandparents: they are more serene and indulgent, more generous and always ready to help – be it only with good words. This does not make them better than their biological parents, whose strictness is important for the children’s upbringing, but they are a great enrichment for everyone. A visit to their grandparents is like a holiday for many children.

What applies for the family applies even more for the larger community: old people enrich life in many respects. If they receive an active basic income, thus enjoying the right to unconditional participation, they also have social commitments, which give them the certainty of being needed. In this way they contribute actively to the common good. That keeps them young and fresh, they stay healthy longer and can therefore serve the community longer so that everybody concerned benefits.

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