Sunday, July 15, 2012

Advantage 46 – Equalisation and Environment Fund

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»We don’t want to rave about the source but drink from the source; we don’t want the flowers, birds and butterflies in more and more beautifully designed coffee-table books but we want to get to know them very personally; we want to breathe the air and enjoy fruits that don’t make us ill; and we want to dream into the evening free of noise under healthy trees.«

– Hubert Weinzierl
German environmentalist

In the past hundred years humankind has destroyed more of the environment than in thousands of years before. The felling of rain forests, extermination of many species of animals and plants, poisoning of water and air, nuclear energy, emissions from industries and cars, factory farming, electromagnetic pollution and much more are taking the ecological system to its limits.

Nevertheless, protection of the environment is only practised when it is »economic«. And to make it »economic« the most absurd forms of calculation, such as trade with certificates for CO2 emissions, are introduced. Apart from the fact that carbon dioxide has now been branded the number one climate killer, this is nothing else but modern selling of indulgences. And the destruction of the environment goes on.

The Natural Economy of Life is based on the threefold creation of money. Every month three amounts of 1,000 gradidos are created per person: 1,000 gradidos for the basic income, 1,000 gradidos for the national income and 1,000 gradidos for the Equalisation and Environment Fund (EEF). Every country thus has an additional budget at its disposal for protecting and decontaminating the environment, equal in amount to the national budget itself. For this reason the Natural Economy of Life is the only monetary and economic system we know of that attaches such importance to decontaminating and protecting the environment.

The Equalisation and Environment Fund is a guarantee that the good of the environment is the top priority with everybody. Even »money people« will find their love of Mother Earth again.

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