Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advantage 58 – Industrialised nations have customers able to pay

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»In the end it proved that the so-called solo actions were the decisive requirements for Germany to remain export world champion.«
 – Klaus Töpfer
former director of the UN environmental programme, August 2010

Until recently Germany had boasted that it was export world champion. German know-how and technology are exported abroad, naturally only to countries that can afford it. Not that other countries have no need of the proverbial high-class German workmanship: on the contrary, poor countries might have an even greater need. And German firms would certainly like to supply these countries as long as they could pay.

You do not need much imagination to picture how this will develop in the old system. The poor countries stay poor. The so-called »emerging markets« increasingly develop into industrialised countries and also strive to be export world champions. They now have the know-how and the technology and as long as their wage level is still low they can produce and supply at low costs. German products will then be too expensive and Germany has meanwhile lost its title to China.

In the Natural Economy of Life industrialised countries, such as Germany, will continue to export a lot with all countries of the world being potential customers. The hitherto poor countries will have a plentiful national budget and the Equalisation and Environment Fund is at their disposal for innovative environmental technologies.

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