Friday, July 13, 2012

advantage 48 – Healthy organic vegetable food

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»As long as there are slaughter houses
there will always be battlefields.«
– Leo Tolstoy
Russian writer

The earth can produce enough food for everyone – but not with three meals of meat a day. Today’s factory farming is an atrocious crime against living nature. The animals are tormented during their lives and slaughtered in a barbaric way. One meal of meat requires over thirty times the resources needed for a comparable vegetable meal. Factory farming is considered to be one of the greatest environmental sinners, even coming before emissions from industry and cars.

Vegan meals completely without animal products can be prepared in at least as tasty and varied a way as other meals. Everything indicates that a vegan diet is considerably healthier than an animal-based diet.

It is not our wish to re-educate everybody to become vegans. But when more and more tasty vegetable food is provided in our shops and restaurants, we will automatically eat fewer animal products. Instead of eating meat twice a day, we perhaps eat meat only twice a month. In this way we reduce our meat consumption to a thirtieth of the amount, without having to forgo culinary pleasures. On the contrary, our diet becomes more varied and much healthier.

Here we also follow the threefold good – more pleasure and health for individuals, sufficient food for all people with less ecological damage and less animal suffering. 

Nowadays there are tasty vegetable alternatives to almost all meat and milk products, such as vegan sausages and steaks and soya, rice and hemp milk. They may not taste exactly the same as animal products but they may even taste better and there is something for every taste.

And what about butchers? Will they have to cease doing business? Absolutely not! The fine art of butchers consists in making tasty meat from meat that does not originally taste so good. The same skill is required for producing tasty vegan steaks or sausages; only the basic ingredients are different. The butcher can continue to exist without any problems. I can even imagine that the first vegan butcher in a city will do very good business.

Vegetable food can be grown in sufficient quantities and biological quality everywhere in the world. For this we do not need either chemical fertilisers or genetic engineering. Organic farmers and permaculture farmers show that it is possible. The best food is produced locally and one side-effect is that less transport is needed. It may happen that large concerns can no longer earn so much money but, in turn, they will be supported in developing eco-friendly products and services by the Equalisation and Environment Fund. Farmers and small farmers will likewise be supported in growing organic food regionally. 

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