Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Advantage 57 – Respect indigenous peoples and protect their rights

Excerpt from the book »Gradido – Natural Economy of Life«

»Tribal peoples offer today’s world alternative values
and ways of successful living; diversity is important.«

        from ”What are our guiding principles?“

It is incomprehensible that today indigenous peoples are still being expelled from their territories. Incredible harm is being caused out of sheer greed for profit, whereas it is perhaps the primeval knowledge of these people, who are in close touch with nature, that is badly needed for the whole of humankind to survive. The protection of indigenous peoples is of great importance in the Natural Economy of Life. It is a blessing that there are now already organisations campaigning to protect them.

From the standpoint of the Natural Economy of Life, members of indigenous tribes contribute just as much to the threefold creation of money as do any other people. They have the unconditional right to participation and hence to an active basic income. They themselves know best what they need and what they can contribute to the threefold good. They are stewards of primeval knowledge which can be vital for humankind’s survival. Their knowledge and their contact to nature may possibly be crucial to the renaturalisation of the rain forests since most primeval knowledge is lost to the so-called civilised peoples.

Only in close cooperation with the indigenous tribes will we be able to survive as humankind and transform our earth back into the paradise the creator must have made. Humankind expelled itself from this paradise, as is reported by the holy scriptures of various religions and cultures. But the paradise was never in another place; it was always here and we have destroyed it almost beyond recognition. Together with the indigenous peoples we have the chance to return to the lost paradise. 

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